Pen to Paper

Hey y’all. Just a quick update from all of us here on what’s been happening over the last few weeks.

Work is still chugging along on the new album. The music is flowing from the strings and the keys, and the words are falling out of the pen onto paper like water over the lip of the waterfall. It’s difficult to encapsulate exactly how we feel about these songs and how they move us individually  and collectively as a band, but they have that sort of undeniable groove that penetrates your consciousness. It starts as a head nodding along to the beat, then slowly start tapping your feet, and eventually full on body movement. They grab your attention from the very first note and holds it until the last chord fades away into the air, leaving your ears ringing and your head thinking. In short: they’re really really good. A studio recording date hasn’t been chosen yet, but as soon as it is we’ll be sure to let you know!

On the live front, we’re still holding it down every Wednesday night at Putnam Den in Saratoga Springs and now every Tuesday at The Albany Rail Yard in Albany pulling double duty hosting open mics. These weekly residencies have been a great way to road-test some of the new material in front of some new ears and gives us a better idea of what songs might need some more tweaking versus the ones that blow the doors off the place. So far it’s been more of the latter, which is very cool. We’ve also met some fantastic local bands and musicians who have absolutely blown us away. Plus there is plenty of band stupidity that you can experience with us.

For those out there keeping count, we released episodes 5 & 6 in our #SeizeTheTour web-series, chronicling both the Boston and Philadelphia stops of the tour. Both gigs were absolutely killer; the crowds were amazing and we met two awesome bands, Tape Off the Radio and Breckenwood, who we’ll hopefully be sharing the stage with again really soon.

So watch us scarf some giant pizza, cross your fingers that Johnny doesn’t puke, and then ready yourself for next Tuesday when episode 7 drops as we roared into West Virginia for the final leg of the tour!

#SeizeTheTour - Ep. 6
Click to watch the latest episode!

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