Just Be Love

There is a ton of stuff working its way down the pipe. So in order to not spoil any of the surprises we’re going to keep it brief this time around.

This Sunday is our gig during the Morris Cup on October 13th at the Burnt Hills High School, presented by the Jason Morris Judo Center. This really is a distinct honor and privilege for us to kick off the tournament this weekend. The judo community has been really supportive of us so we’re quite happy to return the love. We’ll also have a few tricks up our sleeve, but you’ll just have to be there to see them in action. Unfortunately, it’s all happening at the very un-rock n’ roll hour of 9AM. Most days we’re just getting to bed around that time, but we’ll soldier on in true Hard Soul fashion.

Hard Soul - Morris Cup - JMJC tournament 2013

Work is still continuing on our first (as yet to be titled) full-length album. You know, rehearsals, last minute chord tweaking and all that. But these songs are good. Like, really good. We wouldn’t say it if we didn’t mean it. So stew in that thought for a little while longer as we ready this nimble giant of a record for your auditory consumption.

For those who don’t know: the legendary Valentine’s Music Hall and Beer Joint, a stop-off for pretty much every band swinging through the Albany-area over the last 2+ decades, is closing their doors within the next few months. So before the locks click one more time we wanted to bring a most righteous rock n’ roll show through. So mark Sunday, November 17th on your calendar and clear your schedules. It’ll be a special occasion for a number of reasons: 1) it’s Erin’s birthday! And 2) we’ll be sharing the stage with our West Virginia compatriots Time & Distance [for the third time this year]. This will likely be our last-EVER show at Valentine’s before it’s closed forever, so seriously don’t miss this gig.

Hard Soul - Erin Birthday Nov 17th 2013

Until next week, remember: just be love.

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