Half a World Away:

Things are starting to pick up steam as we head toward Sunday night at Valentine’s Music Hall here in Albany. Obviously it’s going to be a killer evening of music and celebrations with Erin’s birthday plus the other fantastic bands on the bill: Beautiful Disaster and Time & DistanceDoors are at 7PM and the show kicks off at 8!

The recent spat of cold & dry weather has truly kicked the crap out of Johnny’s vocal chords. So he’s been suffering in relative silence over the last couple of days in anticipation of the show AKA lots of tea and almost no talking. Losing your voice is a harrowing prospect as a vocalist. So sometimes precautions need to be taken and chatter-boxes need to shut their mouths. Watch a very Jesus-looking Johnny explain in the video below:


Meanwhile: Nick is currently jet-setting to the other side of the world to compete in yet another Judo World Cup competition. This one is popping off in Apia, Samoa, where Nick is taking another step toward the 2016 Olympic Games. His matches are on Friday and we’re obviously pulling for him. If there ends up being a link to stream his matches we’ll share it via our website.

In another bit of cool news, our song “Conquered the World” can be heard in the Siena Saint’s 2013-2014 Pink Zone video. For the last 14 years, Siena Women’s Basketball and CRAAB (Capital Region Action Against Breast Cancer) have teamed up to raise money to help provide services to breast cancer survivors and caregivers (last year they raised over $30,000!). Watch the video here or visit www.sienasaints.com/pinkzone to find out more about this year’s Pink Zone game on February 20th.

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