Not So Silent Night:

Hohoho, Hard Souldiers!

Your friendly neighborhood bassist Ryan here! I know all the Christmas Spirit horsesh*t is still a little premature, but all the holiday music on the radio has gone and got me in the mood. Plus, being the burly, bearded, jolly member of the band, I feel like it’s my moral obligation to spread some cheer. That’s why I’m proposing a bit of a contest.

Every year, around this time, some of my friends and I would start compiling our respective lists of the top albums of the year. The completion of these lists was usually followed by lengthy analysis and discussion over the course of the following days/weeks. Obviously, we have a lot of time on our hands. This year, I thought I’d expand on that secret circle and invite all y’all to hit me up with your top five albums of 2013. If yours is the closest to my top five then Hard Soul will stuff your stocking with a some fantastical band swag! Just send me an email at ­hardsoulmusic@gmail.comby midnight on December 13th and you could be the one our elves throw something together for.

And if you aren’t our lucky winner, we have more than coal wrapped up for you.

That’s not all we’ve got planned for the month though, boys and girls. We have a few chances for you to come see us rock the halls and get your Fa La La on. First off, we’ll be swinging by Justin’s on Lark on December 10th to put down a few acoustic tunes during Tuesday Night Live! Come by and check out some of the local talent. Maybe even join in on the fun and step on stage yourself. Either way, the gang’ll be there and we hope to see you. Plus it’s the 3rd anniversary of TNL so it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

Hard Soul - TNL Dec 10th 2013

Secondly, on December 13th at the Empire State Plaza Ice Rink, we’ll be performing during Winter at the Plaza presented by NYS OGS. I think it’s safe to speak for the band when I say that this is a show that we’re pretty f*ckin’ jazzed to play. We’ll be busting out some Christmas tunes and showcasing some brand spanking new tracks of our own. Hell, if you want, you can even show us your best Nancy Kerrigan impression while we play and skate around. Do some triple axles & stuff.

Hard Soul - Rock & Skate 2013
Lastly, I’m excited to announce that we have finally set our first dates to begin recording on our debut full length album. Before the end of this month, we will have officially be on the way to deliver to y’all the fruits of our labor. The more we play these songs, the more I know we’ve got quite a doozy on our hands.

So, as always, keep on keepin’ on and stayed tuned for some more exciting news that’s laying in wait just around the corner.
– Ryan
Hard Soul
P.S. Big Ol’ thank you to Lesley Adé Photography for the amazing shots she snagged of us from our gig at Valentine’s last month! They look über badass and even managed to get the first ever clear shot of Bigfoot. Who knew he played drums?

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