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It’s time to dig into the latest review of our new album ‘Heart of Plaster’, courtesty of R. Scott Bolton, editor in chief of RoughEdge.com. He had this to say:

“… it wasn’t the individual influences that I heard that made “Heart of Plaster” so entertaining, it was the combination of those styles. The “Hard Soul” style. There’s playfulness here, there’s epic-ness here, there’s romance here. Hard Soul tries to do it all and they pretty much pull it off”.

“… ‘Heart of Plaster’ rocks through and through and does so with its own fresh yet familiar flavor… makes me want to go back and explore Hard Soul’s back catalog to see what else I’ve been missing”.

Read the full Rough Edge review here: http://www.roughedge.com/cdreviews/h/hardsoul.htm

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