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First Listen: “The Sweetest Heart”

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Get your first listen below to the new single “The Sweetest Heart” off the boys’ next Hard Soul EP Fairer Shores, out February 24th! The artwork for the new single is by the very talented Sadie Waala, a local Albany artist commissioned to do the portraits. The track will be available on iTunes, Spotify and all other digital retailers on Tuesday, January 20th.

‘Heart of Plaster’ Review:

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It’s time to dig into the latest review of our new album ‘Heart of Plaster’, courtesty of R. Scott Bolton, editor in chief of He had this to say:

“… it wasn’t the individual influences that I heard that made “Heart of Plaster” so entertaining, it was the combination of those styles. The “Hard Soul” style. There’s playfulness here, there’s epic-ness here, there’s romance here. Hard Soul tries to do it all and they pretty much pull it off”.

“… ‘Heart of Plaster’ rocks through and through and does so with its own fresh yet familiar flavor… makes me want to go back and explore Hard Soul’s back catalog to see what else I’ve been missing”.

Read the full Rough Edge review here:

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Related: See what Outsider Magazine had to say about ‘Heart of Plaster’ – “… could easily be Top 40 material” LINK

Outsider Magazine: ‘Heart of Plaster’ review

Outsider Magazine

Check out the latest review of our new album ‘Heart of Plaster’! This one comes our way via Joe Gagliardi at the Hudson Valley’s very awesome Outsider Magazine. Pick up a copy of their latest issue #28!

Hard Soul - Heart of Plaster - Outsider Magazine 2014

Thank you to editor Holly Berchielli, Joe and everyone else over at OUTSIDER! Head over to to check out all the cool shit they’ve got going on and give them a like on Facebook, too!

Albany Times Union: ‘Heart of Plaster’ review

Check out this killer review of our new album ‘Heart of Plaster’ from David Malachowski over at the Albany Times Union this week! Some highlights:

“… it’s quite spectacular.”

“… they have a lot of ideas, and a lot to say. But what is notable here is how well they say it. This is simply one of the best local rock releases in years… and the potential here is limitless.”

Read the full review here:



World Premiere: “Never Be” Music Video!

Feast your eyes on the latest music video for the track “Never Be” making it’s world premiere today! Our story begins with the boys taking a stroll through the streets of their hometown of Albany, but after stumbling across an unexpected surprise, they find that chasing the one thing they want proves to be more difficult than anticipated. This is the second video with Marcy Dwyer behind the camera; total pro who brought a lot of energy to the shoot.

Check out the video here:


What happens when you take 1 parts northern rock, 1 parts indie rock, and 1 parts vintage rock and throw it all together? It’s the perfect recipe for an Albany Invasion, y’all. Downtown Albany won’t know what hit them when Stellar Young, Eastbound Jesus and Hard Soul take to the stage on July 17th. See y’all this summer!

Alive at 5 2014

The Big Week (Thank You)!

Last Friday night we took to the stage at The Low Beat in our hometown of Albany, NY to celebrate the release of ‘Heart of Plaster’ and y’all didn’t disappoint. It was a most excellent evening of fantastic music, great fans, and good beer. Those in attendance caught the performance of 7 of the 10 new songs that appear on the new album, plus some fan favorites off our last 2 EPs. As always, we have to thank the openers The Strange Neighbors and The Brother Ghost (who filled in last minute) for bringing it that evening. It was a mighty night of rock n’ roll, and we have so many others to say thank you to here it would fill up an entire book.

Missed the show? You can see photos from the gig taken by Emily Gustin here:

We’ve also gotten a great amount of positive words and comments on the album, including an excellent review from UpstateLIVE Magazine:

Heart of Plaster “… eximplifies the band’s stellar musicianship, versatility, and range of emotion…” –

As an independent band, we really appreciate all the love everyone has given us over the last 3 years. When you buy our records you are supporting us & helping keep us on the road. Your help makes all the difference to us, and means a great deal. Without our fans we are nothing. If you buy a physical copy from our merch store we will send you a signed copy of the album along with some other cool swag!

Download ‘Heart of Plaster via iTunes
Download ‘Heart of Plaster via BandCamp
Download ‘Heart of Plaster via Amazon
Download ‘Heart of Plaster via  CDbaby

We’re still getting a ton of love on radio thanks to your requests! Our next single off the album is coming soon, so keep your ears peeled and your fingers dialing!

WEQX: Request Online | 802-362-1027
WCDB: Request Online | 518-442-42424
WVCR: 518-783-2400
WEXT: 518-880-3400
WGFR: 518-743-2311

Finally, our big week continued with the release of Metroland’s 2014 Reader’s Poll results where we were named one of the best local rock bands in the Capital District! More back-slapping and handshakes are in order for everyone who cast their ballot for us. This one is for our dawgs! Check out the full results here:

Also, don’t forget to catch us at MOVE Music Fest in Albany on Saturday April 26th at 11PM where we’ll be headlining Justin’s on Lark with a special all-acoustic set!

Upcoming Gigs: –

April 26th – MOVE Music Fest – Albany, NY
May 1st – Bombers – Troy, NY
May 2nd – The Anchor – Kingston, NY
May 3rd – TBA – Philadelphia, PA
May 9th – Lit Lounge – NYC
May 18th – SPAC Rock & Run – Saratoga Springs, NY

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